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International Conference

Calling Access Numbers

International Conferencing

If you or any of your conference participants are overseas, you can all access a conference call using IDT Connect. You have two convenient ways to access conference calls from overseas:

  • International Toll-Free Access: IDT Connect offers toll-free access numbers in over 40 countries around the world. The list of countries and the appropriate access number are available below:

  • International Toll: You can access the conference by dialing the US access number. Simply dial 1-973-409-3117 and then continue to enter the conference id and password (host or participant). You will pay the same rate for this call as for any other IDT Connect call made from the United States. (Note: The caller will be billed by their international long distance provider for the call into the US access number.)



Access Number

Argentina 0822-266-4368
Australia 1800-006-142
Austria 0800010193
Bahrain 800-06-640
Belgium* 0800-75800
Belgium - mobile 080062787
Brazil 0800-580-8000
Brazil - Local Access 4003-9294
Brazil - Sao Paulo 31950100
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro 31950100
Brazil - Belo Horizonte 31950100
Brazil - Curitiba 31950100
Brazil - Porto Alegre 31950100
Canada 888-444-4129
Chile* 800-914-360
China** 4006784288
Denmark* 8088-0907
Denmark - mobile 32719744
Finland 08001-14869
France 017-071-2660
Germany* 0800-101-4201
Germany - mobile 01-802030059
Greece 00-800-3252-004
Hong Kong 30513333
India 000-800-100-3226
Indonesia** 1-803-321-8134
Ireland 1800-246-059
Israel 1809494505
Italy* 800-786-027
Japan 05058654089
Luxembourg 8002-4650
Malaysia 1800813889
Mexico* 01-800-214-0095
Netherlands* 0800-022-3782
New Zealand 0800 880 367
Norway 800-5-8333
Philippines* 180011100902
Poland 8003211441
Portugal 800-502-317
Romania* 0-800-400-158
Russia (Moscow) 4996092694
Russia (St Petersburg) 8126431958
S. Korea 0809791122
S. Korea - mobile (02)22879211
Singapore 18004159911
Singapore - mobile 68543242
Spain* 900809140
Spain - mobile 902946129
Sweden 08-51755596
Switzerland* 0800-562-139
Taiwan 0809001394
Taiwan - mobile (02)21621705
Thailand** 1-800-111-81
United Kingdom 03307771541
United Kingdom 08081689722
United Kingdom - Local Access 02070280327
United States 18662663378
  *no mobile access
**no payphone access



What customers are saying
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"From my experience the IDT Connect service works very well... we have held bridges with more people than usual, and it has performed well."
Operations Manager,
Large International Bank
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