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Operator Assisted & Hosted Events Feature Comparison
Features Operator Assisted Hosted Events
Available 24/7 Included
Reservation required Included Included
Less than 25 participants Included Included
More than 25 participants   Included
Leader greeted by operator Included Included
Participants greeted by operator Included Included
Conference code - required Included Included
Leader provides dial-in details Included Included
Participant info gathered by operator when dialing into call Included Included
Approved Participant List   Optional
Communication Line between Operator and Host   Included
Meeting Recording (CD/Taping)   Optional
Meeting Playback (Encore)   Optional
Meeting Playback Reporting (Encore Reports)   Optional
Dial Out Included Included
Entry/Exit Options   Optional
Event Archive and Storage   Optional
Group Mute/Unmute Included Included
Podcasting (Download Recording from the Internet)   Optional
Participant Report   Optional
Polling   Included
Q&A   Included
Toll-Free Reservations Included Included
Transcription   Optional
Translation   Optional